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2023 Large Group Product Updates

Broker News | June 2022 | Vol. 17 No. 6 - Special Issue

June 29, 2022

With a new year comes exciting new changes to bring groups and members even better coverage. Take a look at what’s in store for 2023.* Here’s What’s New for 2023: Bright Beginnings – Upon renewal in 2023, the Healthy Baby Connection program, previously available to...

NYS Prior Approval Of Rate Changes For Large Group HMO And Medicare Supplement

Broker News | July 2022 | Vol. 17 No. 7

July 26, 2022

On July 1, 2022, an application was submitted requesting 2023 premium rate changes in accordance with New York state prior approval law. This rate application applies to Community Rated Large Group HMO. An application will be submitted requesting 2023 premium rate...

Coming In September: Virtual Training For 2023 Open Enrollment

Broker News | July 2022 | Vol. 17 No. 7

July 26, 2022

Training for 2023 Open Enrollment will be virtual through Sales Hub at Your Sales Hub is designed to support all your open enrollment training and presentation needs for the 2023 season and beyond. Training will go live for brokers in...

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