Estimate Medical Costs

Now it's easier to Estimate Medical Costs

The best way to help members become more confident consumers of health care and ease the transition to higher deductibles is to improve their access to information.

Our new-and-improved online search makes it easy for members view estimated out-of-pocket medical costs and find providers.

It can help groups ease the anxiety that can come with their employees’ greater out-of-pocket responsibilities. And just one of the ways we’re striving for greater transparency in health care.

All results are personalized to their plan, year-to-date spending, and deductibles when they’re logged in to their online member account.

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Estimate Medical Costs to Help Budget for Medical Expenses

Employees as Members can:

  • Log in for average estimated out-of-pocket medical costs based on year-to-date spending and deductible
  • Research estimated medical costs across more than 1,600 treatment categories and 400+ procedures
  • View a list of providers that perform a specific procedure and filter results by cost, treatments provided, provider location, and more
  • Access treatment timelines to understand the stages of care, including early evaluations, follow-ups, and recovery time, as well as a breakdown of costs throughout

Estimate Medical Costs tool may not be available to all plans

Find a Doctor who fits all your needs

Using the same search tool you can:

  • Search doctors, specialists, hospitals, and urgent care centers in our local and national networks.
  • Filter results by specialty, languages spoken, if accepting new patients, location and more.
  • See a side-by-side comparison of providers.
  • Create a PDF of results to save, share, or print.
  • Read provider reviews or share your experience by leaving a provider review.

Network coverage may vary based on your plan


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