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The Price Of Back Pain In The Workplace And Home Office

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), low back pain (LBP) causes more global disability than any other condition. According to a report by Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI), nearly one in four U.S. employees report experiencing lower-back pain. This costs businesses $51,400 annually per 100 employees, in lost productivity and medical treatments, IBI also reported that lost work time and underperformance on the job (presenteeism) due to low-back pain costs employers $34,600 per 100 workers.

How to Support Back Care at the Workplace and Home Office

  • Offer sit-stand workstations, ergonomic chairs and floor mats.
  • Encourage workers to take brief, two to three-minute fitness breaks throughout the day for brisk walking, stretching, or stair climbing.
  • Educate employees on proper techniques to use when lifting, pushing, pulling, or carrying heavy objects.
  • Use policies and incentives to encourage physical activity. Examples include offering flextime/paid activity breaks to employees and adding short bursts of activity or stretching into meetings.

How to Support Back Care at the Workplace and Home Office


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