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2021 Large & Small Group Product Updates

2020 was a challenging year in ways we’ve never experienced before. Financial solvency remains a real concern and, through it all, businesses are seeking new ways to support and protect the health and wellbeing of one of your biggest assets: your employees.

Excellus BCBS has a long history of protecting people in the communities of Upstate New York. In these evolving times, as always, we’re committed to bringing our business partners even more options for greater flexibility and better cost control, and to providing our members with increased access to high-quality, more affordable care.

Here’s What’s New for Large Groups 2021:

  • Excellus Blue Simplicity Plans 1 offer Self-Funded groups a budget-friendly copay option while giving your employees an easy-to-understand plan with predictable health care costs.
  • Expanded wellbeing program choices give greater flexibility based on desired financial and engagement levels, as well as the features your employees want most from a wellbeing program.
  • Telemedicine and telehealth services covered in full 2 in 2021, making care more accessible and affordable for your employees and their families.
  • Additional medical preventive services covered before the deductible on HDHPs, offering the ability to provide increased value to your employees.

Here’s What’s New for Small Groups 2021:

  • NEW Coverage for Acupuncture All Non-Standard SimplyBlue Plus plans will now cover up to ten visits to an acupuncturist at the specialist cost share. 2
  • NEW Mental Health Visits Three Mental Health visits at a Professional or Outpatient facility will be covered in full for all Non-Standard Non-HSA SimplyBlue Plus plans. After your first three visits, PCP cost shares will apply.
  • NEW Telemedicine & Telehealth Telemedicine visits with MDLIVE and Telehealth visits will now be covered in full on all SimplyBlue Plus Plans! 2

Please contact your broker or Excellus BCBS Account Manager or Account Service Consultant with any questions.

1 Blue Simplicity is only available for Self-Funded groups; 2 Subject to in-network deductible where applicable

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